The 6 Breathtaking University Sorority Houses Across The Nation Where Beauty And Money Meet


One part of college experience is sorority or fraternity houses where students interact and build meaningful friendships that last a lifetime. Some of these sorority houses have breathtaking and expensive interiors. Here are 6 noteworthy sorority houses across the nation when it comes to beauty and cost.

Chi Omega - University of Missouri

Looking at the facade of the Chi Omega, you would think that it's a mini-castle rather than a sorority house. Its second floor balcony makes you imagine Rapunzel or any princess daintily looking down below. Inside is no less than impressive with its spacious hall and well-designed interiors. You won't doubt any second that ladies are living here.

Tri Delta - University of Florida

There are many beautiful sorority houses in Florida but the Tri Delta is a class of its own. Not only for being the most beautiful and largest sorority house in the state but also the only one where every two rooms have a common area.

Phi Mu - University of Georgia

Phi Mu was once the house of the Thomas Napier Hamilton, the first millionaire in Georgia. You can imagine the wealth Hamilton because of the grandiose design and the the intricate baroque-style ironwork that adorns the facade.

Alpha Gamma Delta - University of South Carolina

Even before you step inside the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority house, you'll already be impressed with its lawn adorned with palm trees and lush, green lawn.

Alpha Delta Phi - University of North Texas

The Alpha Delta Phi sorority house is nicknamed the "Pi Palace" and all for a good reason. Its interior is a study in balance but the real looker is its newly renovated kitchen which features a central island that has individual drawers for each of the residents.

Kappa Alpha Theta - Southern Methodist University

One of the best features of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority house is its big, arched windows which provides natural lighting to the spacious living room while giving its residents a good view of the scenery outside. Adding to the beauty of the place is the furnishings which conveys simple elegance.

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