8 Elite College Startups In 2017


Recently, 16 different startups had a face-off where voters get to choose which one is their favorite. After Round 1, only eight startups survived the battle and here are the 8 elite college startups in 2017.

Boost Linguistics

Boost Lingusitics is a startup established at Drexel University. It is a content marketing tool that utilizes artificial intelligence. It helps marketers optimize their content through engaging posts. Through its AI-enabled writing and editing features, marketers can craft emotionally compelling stories to reach their targeted audience. Boost Lingusitics has bested Wharton's internal hiring analytics app called Twine.

Fair Harbor

Colgate University's Fair Harbor has bested the University of Minnesota's Asiya as it won 58 percent of the vote. Fair Harbor is a college startup that promotes a simple summer and a healthy environment. It recycles plastic bottles and creates men bathing suits out of them. The idea came as a result to find a solution for the 50 million plastic bottles that litter the planet every year.


Just like Fair Harbor which banks on simplicity, HUK TV wins a spot on 8 elite college startups in 2017 through simplicity as well. HUK TV are simple, easy-to-install TV mounts that are drill-free, non-abrasive, and scratch-resistant. HUK TV is a startup out of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.


Trippie is another startup straight from Colgate University. It is an airport search app which helps you find anything you want to know about each specific airport. Whether it be restaurants, coffee shops, or souvenir shops, Trippie has all the information including an interactive map of airports and terminals.

Swine Tech

Swine Tech is Florida Atlantic University's startup which is an app dedicated to improve how livestock is managed and lessen the death of piglets by utilizing IoT and Big Data systems.


Next in the list of the 8 elite college startups in 2017 is Kinosol, a food dehydrator that uses solar power energy to decrease food waste. KinoSol is from the Iowa State University.


101 is Carnegie Mellon's startup that aims to improve STEM instructions in the classroom through active learning. The tool contains modules that are subject specific allowing students to interact with various problems.


DroneMVP completes the list of 8 elite college startups in 2017. This USC startup has a goal of connecting drone users with the best drone pilots to capture more compelling and breathtaking images.

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