Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Latest News & Update: Next Flagship Will Be 'Great' Again Despite Flaming Memories Of Galaxy S7 Note


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is still a long way off but there is the question of how its predecessor’s misfortunes will affect its stock. This is with reference to the celebrated battery-exploding issue which caused fire-related damage to some folks.

Samsung has taken the necessary steps to ensure that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will not fall to the same debacle twice. They actually started it out with the Samsung Galaxy S8 which was not around during the Mobile World Congress 2017. Applying the safe route, the Korean giant is making sure that evaluation and production are not rushed to avoid mishaps. The Galaxy S8 is believed to be coming out in April 2017.

After the Samsung Galaxy S8 is released, attention is expected to shift the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall will be fresh in the minds of many though marketing group Fluent made preliminary work to see if it will affect Samsung Galaxy Note 8 sales.

The survey eventually showed 63-percent of current Samsung phone owners saying that the Galaxy Note 7 problem will not impact the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. 14-percent had safety concerns according to Based on past surveys, the belief is that the forgettable battery-exploding issue will not carry on to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

 It would be best to take note that these voices are coming from long-time Samsung Galaxy owners. For the ones using different devices like the iPhone, those who contemplated on the switch to Android are backtracking. Even with the new features expected for the Samsung Galaxy S8, some may have been turned off due to the incident last year.

The real score on how the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 remains to be seen. Codenamed “Great”, the Korean company has its work cut out for them, Sam Mobile reported. Given time to simmer down the issues, Samsung is expected to get over the hump and rebound with an extraordinary phablet in 2017.

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