Samsung QLED TV Latest News & Updates: ‘The Frame’ Fits In Perfectly With The Modern Home


Samsung has been known to offer a fine line of television sets and most were under the impression that they were done with the 2017 lineup. Apparently most thought wrong and there was one new variant recently unveiled in Paris called “The Frame”.

The name apparently needs no elaboration. As Forbes noted, the name itself speaks a lot since the latest member of the Samsung QLED TV lineup is designed to look more like a picture frame than the TV set most are familiar with. Similar to what Bang & Olufsen or Loewe offers, the “Frame” is flexible and can be easily placed in areas in a variety of ways. It can be mounted or left to stand alone, something that may throw people off since it could go unnoticed.

Samsung’s “Frame” TV sets are expected to come out in 55- and 60-inch variants sometime this spring. It is part of the new QLED televisions from Samsung made up of four Q Series with multiple screen sizes. Among the striking features, the new line will have to offer include Q Picture, Q Smart, and Q Style. These are the new design elements by the Korean electronics giant pegged to offer potential buyers a new kind of design and improve on what previous television sets had to offer, Digital Trends reported.

The Q Picture includes the incorporation of refinements to its previous SUHD lineup, atoning for brighter pictures. The Q Smart practically speaks for itself, with reference the dawning age of Smart TV sets that will include voice control. The Q Style part is what the “Frame” best shows off, offering unobtrusive designs that should perk up a home or even commercial areas.

There are a lot of models to choose from under the new Samsung QLED line, prices that may be a bit steep but certainly worth the investment. Pair them up with some HD Blu-ray players or sound bars and you get one of the lush home entertainment systems built for gaming or simple movie viewing.

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