Nexus 2017 Meltdown: Nexus 6 Downgrading To Android 7.0 Spam Crashes, 100% Unusable But Could Bring Android 7.1.2


Google started downgrading Nexus 6 units from Android 7.1.1 to Android 7.0 irking confused reaction to android community users. In addition, the OTA came along without prior notice to android community users leaving them asking what to expect or do with the said backward update.

According to a Reddit user CrazyAndroid Monster, the bizarre Nexus 6 update pushing Android 7.1.1 back to the Android 7.0 has screwed up its phone along with several updates Google patched since the Nougat rollout. The source added that such update made no sense.

Along with other Android 7.0 downgrade complaints, the Reddit thread shows that most affected Nexus 6 users are experiencing speakerphone glitches, Bluetooth issue, System UI especially the third-party apps which are optimized for the Android 7.1.1. Thus, observers affirmed that the sideloaded Android 7.1.1 to OTA 7.0 gives people trouble.

Meanwhile, a verified Google employee stepped up to clarify the recent Android 7.0 issue for Nexus 6, Techno Buffalo reported. According to the explanation posted on Reddit, Nexus 6 units have received the Android 7.0 in order to ensure that future updates can be issued properly.

Furthermore, the recent OTA update for Android 7.0 has caused confusion for some Nexus 6 users but in order to guarantee future OTA updates, they should get back on the Android 7.0 supported track. In case Nexus users experience problem after the OTA downgrade, it is advised to factory reset the Nexus 6 units to resolve any incurring problems.

At press time, Google has not yet issued an official explanation on why OTA 7.0 replaced the Android 7.1.1 since it has already announced that Android 7.1.2 would not arrive for Nexus 6 units. However, this bizarre circumstance hints two possibilities whether the previous update is coming back or Google is now planning to bring OTA 7.1.2 to Nexus 6. Have you experienced the same problem?


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