Here’s Why iMac 2017 Will Neither Be VR-Ready Nor AMD Ryzen-Supported On Its Release Date

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Apple CEO Tim Cook has hinted the arrival of iMac 2017 back in October 2016 during the launch of MacBook Pro 2016. The new iMac immediately became hyped as the CEO responded to the question regarding the future of iMac. Since then, various iMac 2017 rumors has surfaced all through the net, one of these involves the VR feature and AMD Ryzen customized processors.

Such rumors lead to a bigger issue tagging iMac 2017 as Apple's bandwagon towards its arrival to gaming arena. Conversely, according to Racing Junky, the VR feature and AMD Ryzen customized processors would not make their respective appearance in the next iMac.

iMac 2017 X Oculus VR for 2017 is not going anywhere. This has been confirmed by Oculus' Co-founder and Rift Head Nate Michell, Tech Crunch reported. The Mac is not capable of supporting VR, at least at the time being. Still, this partnership may still come to fruition in the coming years. Thus, Mitchell said that the Oculus Company expressed that it does not want to do OS X (MacOS) support for Rift since it is not part of their current roadmap for the next six months.

Meanwhile, iMac 2017 shifting away from Intel to AMD Ryzen processor is getting eerie of tech and game enthusiasts but the idea itself contradicts the current path iMac 2017 is in line with. There have been ongoing talks about Apple putting iMac 2017 on the line not for gaming but for publishing and editing instead.

In addition, iMac 2017 and Apple siblings, MacBook Pros have a longstanding association with Intel's Kaby Lake Processors which has been missing in action since the October launch of MacBook Pro 2016. Thus, AMD Ryzen 7 remains a rumor and since no confirmation has come out from the company yet.


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