‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Game Servers Continue To Blink, Niantic In Panic Mode


Niantic has had to endure the game server problems for “Pokemon Go”, a lot of which started when they rolled out the Gen 2 update. It was initially reported that the sudden spike in logins as the cause though Niantic was believed to be on it. Apparently, their efforts have yet to pay off.

It seems that large portions of Japan, Brazil, and London are experiencing game outages, preventing “Pokemon Go” players from venturing and capturing those 80 new pocket monsters, according to Down Detector. Alarming though is that even the east and west coast of the United States are reportedly unable to play the augmented reality game.

Niantic has not issued a formal statement on what is really going on with their servers despite promising to improve on their game servers. It could be a (massive) glitch though it is hard to recall when “Pokemon Go” has this severe outage since debuting last July 2016.

It is possible that the silence of Niantic is because they are in the middle of applying a big update for “Pokemon Go”. Ideally, a massive outage would have an explanation by now. With St. Patrick’s Day imminently here, some are even entertaining the thought of a special event, Slash Gear reported.

While that is a positive way to look at it, most “Pokemon Go” players are not used to the erratic gameplay. Glitches continue to persist even with the scripts cleaned out. By now most are aware that the promised features are bound to come out soon, with reference to the Pokemon Trading and the player vs. player add-ons.

The outages could boomerang on Niantic, knowing how gamers easily give up if the game fails to perform accordingly. The company may need to address the problem soon or risk seeing players abandon “Pokemon Go” once more despite the influx of new pocket monsters in the mix.

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