Nintendo Switch Latest News & Updates: Game Console Shortage Could Hamper Business Earning Potential


The Nintendo Switch has expected sold out and now most are waiting when new stocks will arrive. Being a new device in the market, it hardly comes as a surprise. Looking ahead, however, re-stocking could be vital for the Japanese gaming company looking to boost its stock. Having fallen behind the game console sector, the Nintendo Switch is their new ticket to get back on track.

The best to sum it all up is that Nintendo is racking up opportunity lost. The Nintendo Switch has kicked off its existence with “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” which has so far been getting rave reviews. That holds true for the ones who already have the game console but what about others who want to play the game on their very own game console?

Looking farther, there are a couple of games lined up for the Nintendo Switch. That includes “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” and “Super Mario Odyssey”. Both are expected to be hit games like “Legend of Zelda” but it all brings back customers to problem number one – when can they buy a Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo would be wise to take the shortage seriously. While it does speak well on the reception of gamers for the Nintendo Switch, unable to satisfy demand could backfire, Forbes reported. They would be wise to strike while they are at a high and re-stock for added sales.

A previous report from Videogamer says retailers are expecting the Nintendo Switch to be back in stock as early as this week. Thus far, there is no word of such though advanced orders were accommodated last week. GameStop is the retailer that took orders as early as last week, so it will be interesting if they will indeed dispatch game consoles any day now.

Other outlets like and have stretched expectations until the later weeks of March. In all, the belief is that the Nintendo Switch will be re-stocked this March, numbers of which can hopefully last more than a week or two.

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