In Demand In America: Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs And Where To FInd Them


Glassdoor has once again released their annual list of the highest paying jobs in the United States along with the cities where they are most in demand for. The top 5 belongs to the medical field with the physician taking the top spot.


Physicians have a median salary of $187,876 per year says Glassdoor. The organization also revealed that there are at least 7,770 job openings for this job. Physicians should also take note that the hottest cities with the most need for these jobs are Phoenix, Arizona; Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, PA; Austin, Texas; and Chicago, Illinois.

Pharmacy Manager

Coming in on second spot is pharmacy manager with a median salary of $139,272. A pharmacy manager oversees the day-to-day operation of a pharmacy as well as inform subordinates about any new medications. Cities where pharmacy managers are very much in demand for are in Austin, Texas; New York, New York; Baltimore, Maryland; Columbus, Ohio; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Patent Attorney

As the name suggests, a patent attorney is a type of lawyer who has an expertise in intellectual property law. He provides advice on how to apply and secure a patent. A patent attorney usually rakes in $139,272 annually. Those who are already in the practice and looking for greener grass, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Houston, and Denver are the key cities they must be looking into.

Medical Science Liaison

The main responsibility of a medical science liaison is to establish and maintain good relationship between leading physicians at major academic institutions and clinics. Although there's not a lot of demand for medical science liaison (Glassdoor lists only around 391 job openings), the annual median base salary is $132,842. Hot cities where the job is in demand are Cambridge, Massachusetts; Washington,D.C; Chicago, Illinois; Seattle, Washington; and Dallas, Texas.


Pharmacists occupy the fifth spot on this list and with a median base salary of $125,847. There is more than 5,000 job openings across the country for the position. The key cities, however, are Providence, Rhode Island; Baltimore, Maryland; San Diego, California; Sacramento, California; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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