STEM Students At Dalton State University Will Receive GPA Boost


STEM students at Dalton State University have one more reason to be inspired this coming fall semester as they are going to receive a half-point grade boost for their GPA this coming semester. The half-point grade boost for STEM students is the product of a new bill passed by the Georgia state legislators in order to have higher retention rates in STEM degrees as well as attract new students to pursue degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math.

It also aims to make more STEM students eligible for HOPE scholarship, a merit-based scholarship available for residents of Georgia.

Dr. Randall Griffus, dean of the School of Science, Technology, and Mathematics at DSU, said that STEM classes, even the introductory ones, are very rigorous. He hopes that the new GPA boost will be more reason for students to pursue and remain in STEM degrees as there is also a need to fill high-demand jobs.

With the new GPA boost for STEM students, those who have a B, C, or D .5 score will have a half point added to their final grade. Thus, a score of B which is equivalent to 3.0, will become 3.5. The same goes with the other GPA scores.

However, the weighted grades for STEM are only applicable to courses that are taken during the first two years of college. For DSU's case, these courses include introductory biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, physics, and programming courses. Also part of the list are pre-engineering and calculus courses.

Pat Chute, provost and vice-president for Student Affairs at DSU, said that the GPA grade boost for STEM students is a testament of Georgia's commitment to address the needs of the workforce in the state.

On the other hand, students who have a STEM degree, have more opportunities waiting for them in different fields as well as internships and research positions.

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