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Mar 16, 2017 12:14 PM EDT

Autism Genes: The Genius Behind The Most Brilliant Minds


Despite the large number of information about autism, surprising new studies come out that shed more light about it. One recent study conducted by Yale researchers suggest that the genes linked to autism spectrum disorders are what cause genius.

In a research that involved 5,000 cases of autism, the researchers analyzed the genome of each participant and focused on the gene variants associated with autism. They also found a surprising discovery after they conducted a molecular testing - these genes seem to affect the increase of neuronal connections and the growth of new neurons. That means the more connections and neurons a person has in their brains, the smarter they become.

The scientists found out that the genes associated with autism were specifically preserved by evolution rather than randomly appear as time goes by. What happens is genes that were deemed to have a negative impact on the reproduction is eliminated through the process of natural selection. On the other hand, genes that are not clearly identified whether they have a positive or negative effect are muted. Furthermore, genes that will greatly impact survival are preserved and passed on through generations. It is also believed that these genes are closely associated with autism spectrum disorder.

Professor Joel Gelertner, co-author of the study and a professor of genetics, psychiatry, and neuroscience at the Yale School of Medicine, said that it might be surprising why such genes associated with ASD would survive. But these genes have a positive effect in the development of intellect and cognition although there definitely is a price to pay, which is autism.

These findings don't seem to be surprising given the fact that a lot of the most brilliant minds in history has been diagnosed with autism or Asperger's syndrome. Some of them include Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Alfred Hitchcock.

This shows that even though autism is diagnosed as a disorder, this world will be stripped of geniuses if such genes are eliminated.

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