Wilberforce University Students Perform To Urge Springfield Youth To Pursue College


Going to college is one big step that any kid can make towards achieving success and living their dreams. And students from Wilberforce University just did something to inspire them to do that.

According to Springfield News-Sun, the students from the said university had to travel to Springfield to perform in front of approximately 100 youth on Wednesday evening. The Wilberforce students are representatives of their respective fraternities and sororities. They have performed dance and song numbers for the kids and even took the time to teach these children how to perform he steps on the dances.

According to Dr. Robert Welker, Director of Springfield Promise Neighborhood, the event was organized in order to show local kids about the things they will be able to do when they attend college and pursue higher education. He said that it is an excellent opportunity for children to learn more about what college is. It is like indirectly sending a message that it is possible to go to college and possible to achieve their dreams.

Springfield students have shared how much they have enjoyed the show and have learned more about fraternities and sororities, and one student said that he enjoyed the dance. These kids have affirmed that they indeed want to go to college someday because of the things they have discovered from the group.

The Wilberforce students are also sending the message that college life is not all about studies, academics and school work. Because of the activity, they have also shared that college is where you get to experience and explore art and passion.

Welker said that it is indeed a good message. It is like life in general which could be challenging, but is also full of fun and excitement.

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