Boomerang Streaming Service Latest News & Update: Classic Animated Shows To Be Made Available Through New App


With the advent of streaming services upon us, the type of video content to be made available continues to grow. For those who recall the good old days of watching cartoons like Bugs Bunny or Popeye, you can relive those memories once more thanks to the Boomerang cable network.

In what is shaping up to be an expansion to keep in step with the advancement technology, the Boomerang streaming service will offer subscribers over 5,000 titles that would include the lovable characters from Looney Tunes, Hannah Barbera, and MGM. There are of course plenty of classic animated shows from the past such as Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones, and Yogi Bear to name a few, Washington Times reported.

While that blast from the past plans of the Boomerang streaming service is something to look forward to, Warner Bros. plans to include new titles as well. This means that even new episodes will be packaged – including the reboot of a familiar cartoons series called “Wacky Races”. This means that “Penelope Pitstop” and “Dick Dastardly” will be resurrected alongside his mangy dog “Muttley,” Android Authority reported.

Like other streaming services, Boomerang will offer customers some options. That would include a 7-day trial for those deciding on the monthly fee of $4.99. For those who want a full-year subscription, they get a 30-day trial before picking up the $39.99 tab. The Boomerang streaming service will be made available to Android, iOS and even web browsers. Plans to expand to Apple TV or Roku set-top boxes are also expected to follow thereafter.

Folks who grew up watching the classics should welcome this new service. As far as the current generation, keeping tabs with the ongoing and future shows should be more than enough reason to consider this new Boomerang streaming service that is hardly heavy on the pocket. Check out the video below to see what lies ahead.


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