Top Female Engineers Share Career Tips College Students Must Heed


It is never too early for college students to plan out for their career if their ultimate goal is to find success. It is always better to be prepared and determine the approach to be used to get ahead in their dreams. However, it is not always easy, especially for women in STEM fields who have gone through gender gaps and discrimination.

But it is important to never sheer away from the challenge, especially the young women who share the same passion for the industry. Here are some of the career tips shared by the women who managed to stay at the top of their game in the field of engineering.

Méabh Doyle, process engineer at Bristol-Myers Squibb

Doyle shares her advice with Silicon Republic and said that students must take advantage of university events where they can learn as much as they can about different engineering disciplines. They must also reach out and talk to people who are working in the industry. Her most valuable advice is believing in one's self.

Sandy Rhys Jones OBE

Sandy Rhys Jones told Target Jobs that it is important for students to understand their motivation, and know the reason why they are in engineering, because not all students who are in engineering knew why they have chosen the field. And finding the right motivation is crucial in achieving success.

Victoria Kenny, engineer at Version 1

Kenny advised students that they should go for their dreams and that they should not allow anything to stop them from achieving their goals, but being prepared for the challenges and obstacles.

Laura Stroe, software engineer at Intel

According to Stroe, it is not enough that a woman or an individual is an engineer, it is also equally important to be an artist, and that means that one should be unique. It can be challenging, but she urges students to get the freedom to create and innovate.

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