SpaceX Trip To The Moon Could Be The Priciest And Riskiest Trip Ever Made by Man [Video]


The two paying passengers of the proposed trip around the moon via SpaceX will be making the most expensive trip ever made by man. It could be the riskiest as well.

Two persons reserved seats right after Elon Musk announced the proposed trip around the moon a few years from now. Their names were not revealed. But for sure, they could be billionaires. Some names came out earlier that included that of James Cameron, Sergey Brin and Richard Branson, according to University Herald.

All three men can easily afford the ticket price. Among them, the most daring would be James Cameron. He was known for taking risks in some of his adventures. He could be most likely one of the two mystery passengerswho would take the risk of a trip around the moon.

SpaceX has been known to fail in its space flights in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2015 and 2016, according to Time Line. In 2006, the first SpaceX launch failed when the space craft exploded 33 seconds after it lifted off.

In 2007, the space craft failed to reach orbit. The remains of "Star Trek" star James Doohan was supposed to be taken into space in 2008. Two rocket stages collided and exploded and the space craft ended up under the sea.

In June 28, 2015, during Elon Musk's birthday, a SpaceX rocket exploded after it was launched. It was carrying payloads for NASA to the International Space Station. And in 2016, a space craft exploded while being fueled for a launch. SpaceX failed five times in a span of 12 years of operation.

This means that there is a probability that the planned trip around the moon could end up in a deadly explosion. For the passengers, the price could be too high because of the risk, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

The two eager passengers for the trip around the moon will not just be spending heaps of cash. The trip might cost them their lives.

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