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Common Misconception About Online Degrees [Video]


Online learning has become a popular option not only for full-time employees but also for regular students as well. The flexibility of class schedules made it one of the most convenient ways of acquiring degree. However, others hesitate to enroll in the program because of wrong notion.

 There are several misconceptions regarding taking a course online. The following are the top five misconceptions, according to Mental Floss.

Getting Online Degree Is Easy

This is false. Taking an online course is just as challenging as enrolling in a regular degree program. The subjects are the same and so are the learning tasks.

Online Degree May Not Be Recognized as Valid

This is not true. Nowadays, online courses are just as good as degrees received through regular schooling. There are companies that might prefer applicants with online degrees.

Students Taking Online Degree Cheat

Students in regular classes and those in online programs have the opportunity to cheat. Online schools have ways to control cheating. They may require students to take the test in front of a video camera. This makes it easier for the proctor to catch cheaters than in a regular classroom.

Students may not have their subjects credited when they transfer to another school

Just like regular degree programs, students get credits for the online courses they take. Almost all online schools are accredited by the higher education agency. They are assured that courses they take will be credited when they transfer.

Online learning denies students socialization with peers

There are many instances when online students can interact. Group chats, interactive video lectures and emails are used for student-to-student interaction.

The way people perceive online education has drastically changed. Today, online learning is considered one of the major innovations in education, according to The Financial Express. In a world where the cost of education has soared, online degree has become a viable option especially for those whose time or finances are limited.

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