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Mar 06, 2017 08:15 AM EST

SpaceX's Moon Flight: The Whole World Awaits Who Will Be The Two Passengers Of The Flight


Right after Elon Musk announced that the Space X moon flight will have two passengers, a lot of speculations arose regarding the identity of those people. Musk did not give any details except for the fact that the individuals have paid a huge amount of money and that they both knew each other personally. However, there are a few names that surfaced that would likely be part of Space X's moon mission.

The most likely and qualified candidates for the moon flight are none other than the NASA astronauts. It is true that there are private individuals who contacted Musk and expressed their interest to fly to the moon, but Musk also said in earlier interviews that he would gladly let NASA do so. Aside from that, NASA has heavily invested in the Space X program and it's just fitting to let them do the honor.

On the other hand, there are several civilians, specifically billionaires, who might be possible candidates if we take NASA out of the roster. Some of the prominent names that pop up are Google's Sergey Brin, Richard Branson, and James Cameron.

A lot might protest regarding the inclusion of Branson in the list since he already invested in his own commercial space program - Virgin Galactic and Virgin Orbit. However, Branson space programs do not set its sight on the moon yet. More so, the eccentric billionaire is known to pull a few surprises and this might be one of those as well as the fact that he expressed enthusiastic interest in going to the moon.

Sergey Brin is also another likely candidate considering his interest in space. He has already invested a huge amount in Space Adventures to go to the International Space Station and Musk's Space X moon flight will surely appeal to Brin.

The third strongest contender to the list is Titanic director James Cameron, who happens to be an avid space fan. Like Brin, he also put in a huge amount of money on Space Adventures to be on the moon.

Musk's Space X moon flight passengers might be in this list or none at all but it is exciting to find out who those two brave passengers will be in the 2018 flight.

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