'Kingdom Hearts: Union X’ Promises Exciting In-Game Rewards, Adds New Stories & Multiplayer Mode


"Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X" is relaunching as a mobile game in April. It will be titled "Kingdom Hearts: Union X," with multiplayer mode as its biggest feature.

The multiplayer mode called "Union Cross" will allow a team of six players to fight Heartless enemies and bosses, IGN reported. The team can be created via a matchmaking feature or from the members of the party. Team members can converse with each other via emotes and text bubbles.

Aside from multiplayer mode, "Kingdom Hearts: Union X" will introduce new missions and quests with varying levels of difficulty. Players can also rewatch cutscenes and relive certain moments in the game via the new Theater Mode.

In addition, the game's mobile version will introduce new story chapters and an origin story that Square Enix highly recommends.

Interested users who pre-register for the mobile version will get exclusive smartphone wallpapers and in-game rewards. Logging in after the "Kingdom Hearts: Union X" update goes live will yield in-game gifts, too. The presents are part of Square Enix's celebration of the mobile relaunch and the one-year anniversary of the game.

Watch the teaser for "Kingdom Hearts: Union X" here. The game will be available in Japan later in March, with its worldwide release scheduled in April. You can pre-register for the mobile relaunch here.

Square Enix is also unveiling details about "Kingdom Hearts III," which will be launched on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Screenshots for the upcoming game was released in February, and it seemingly showed Sora face-to-face with a giant enemy that everyone's assuming is the first boss in the game.

Check out the screenshot in the video posted in the end of this report. Sora's Keyblade was also featured in the screenshot, with a bolt of lightning blasting from the weapon.

Fortunately, "Kingdom Hearts III" director Tetsuya Nomura addressed the screenshot and revealed more details about the image. The battle scene was set in the city of Thebes, Olympus and Sora was dueling with a Rock Troll, a mid-boss.

The game's Keyblades will have two unique transformation patterns that players can use when the situation calls for it. There are expectations that the Keyblades have a "metroidvania" characteristic, which will make them capable of transforming into tools that will unlock previously hidden locations from the map. The areas contain treasures and mysteries, according to WWG.

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