Samsung Galaxy S8 & Future Phones Replacing Fingerprint Scanner With Facial Recognition, Iris Scanning


The fingerprint scanner has turned into a norm for smartphones in recent years but like other technological inventions, the feature is becoming obsolete to make way for newer innovations. It turns out that Samsung is ready to let the functionality go and replace it with highly accurate facial recognition and iris scanning.

Fingerprint scanners are lauded for their ability to minimize users' time and effort when unlocking their phones or verifying their identification. A tweet sent from China, however, claimed from a Samsung employee that the tech giant "will kill" the fingerprint scanner because it's becoming "obsolete."

Now, bear in mind that this claim is unfounded and an official statement from Apple is yet to be had. However, recent reports about the company's next flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8, suggested that they are moving to the next level.

According to Korea Economic Daily claimed that the Galaxy S8 could have a facial recognition feature that will unlock the device. Others are expecting an iris scanner on the phone too aside from the usual fingerprint scanner. The latter, meanwhile, could get relocated to the back of the handset.

A Samsung official allegedly said that the facial recognition technology could spend less than 0.01 seconds to unlock the phone. That's supposed to be faster than the fingerprint scanner.

The iris scanner was already introduced to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but you all know that that phone got recalled when its defective batteries started exploding. It's possible that Samsung would revive and probably improve the iris scanner on the Galaxy S8.

The iris scanner, however, needs to be perfected now that security concerns have been raised about the feature. Eye-scanning devices should be able to tell the difference between a real eye and a picture. However, it appears that Samsung only wants to use the iris scanner as the second level of protection, meaning it will protect users' folders containing their most sensitive personal information, according to CNET.

A Samsung official has acknowledged that iris scanning has constraints in speed and accuracy. The company is reportedly testing Galaxy S8 prototypes for facial recognition already.

Expect Apple to follow Samsung's footsteps in this endeavor for their anniversary handset, the iPhone 8. The latter's facial recognition technology will work using a new laser sensor and an infrared sensor.

What do you think of facial recognition and iris scanning technology? Do you think it's significantly safer than the fingerprint scanner? Share your thoughts below. The Galaxy S8 will be announced on Wednesday, March 29.

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