New Sony Xperia X Concept: Sharper Images, Extremely High Sound Quality, Longer Battery Power With VoLTE


A new Sony Xperia X Concept build was recently released to improve the phone's image and video processing. The latest build also provides superior call quality to the handset.

Xperia X users now have X-Reality for videos. The feature was already seen in other Xperia smartphones, but wasn't made available to the Concept firmware, Phone Arena reported.

The X-Reality Engine, which is available in Sony's high-end TVs, was introduced to the Sony Xperia line so the phones won't have washed out colors and poor viewing angles anymore. The feature makes images and videos look sharper, and with better contrast and saturation. Noise has been reduced, too.

X-Reality separately analyzes and processes the display's outline, contrast, texture and color. The end product of this is an image that's the clearest, sharpest and most eye-catching. Bear in mind, however, that the feature won't magically transform your poor-quality photos into high-quality ones, but it will definitely make them appear more vibrant and clearer.

The latest Xperia X Concept build also introduced VoLTE support, the ability to make voice calls over a 4G LTE network instead of the usual 2G and 3G connections. With VoLTE, call quality is three times more enhanced than 3G and up to six times than 2G.

VoLTE support makes phone calls and the person's tone of voice clearer. There are better coverage and connectivity too even in video calling.

VoLTE also means better battery life because it doesn't need to switch networks like what 4G does. 4G switches to 3G or 2G during a phone call, resulting to faster battery drains, Android Authority pointed out.

Another latest Xperia X Concept build included a new Camera app and Glove mode, according to a separate report from Phone Arena. With Glove mode, users can use and swipe on the phone's screen even though they're wearing gloves. This helps when the user is outside in cold weather and he/she doesn't want his/her hands to go numb while using the phone.

Sony is famous for equipping their devices with high-quality audio, and they even made the Xperia X's sound system better. With the newly added LDAC support, the phone's audio transmits at the highest rate (990 kbps).

This month's Xperia X patch also improved the phone's adaptive brightness and fixed an issue that occurs when the phone is being restarted while in Low Battery Mode. What do you think of these latest improvements? Share your thoughts below.

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