iPhone 8 In Pretty Jet White Model Revealed: Delayed Release Date Blamed On New 3D Camera

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Apple has begun experimenting more for their handset's colors. Gone are the days when the tech giant's lineup only consists of phones in black, silver, rose gold and gold colors; Apple is expected to add a beautiful white finish to the upcoming iPhone 8.

Graphic designers are visualizing possible designs and appearances for the iPhone 8. Designer Benjamin Geskin is one of those people envisioning mockups for the highly anticipated anniversary phone and he collaborated with Apple fan blog, iDrop News, for the endeavor. He shared his concepts on Twitter and the images don't just show the handset in Jet White; the Jet Black version was also seen.

Geskin's designs fit the speculations surrounding the iPhone 8. It has a bigger display due to the omission of a physical home button and trimmed top and bottom bezels.

The iPhone 7's Jet Black model has attracted trepidation and criticisms due to its tendency to retain dirt, scratches and fingerprint smudges. Some users think that Apple could have done better with a Matte Black variant than a glossy Jet Black model. It remains to be seen whether or not consumers will love the Jet White, which somewhat resembles the coloring of some Samsung Galaxy phones.

The iPhone 8 is expected to have exceptional graphics. Apple uses Imagination Technologies' (a company based in the United Kingdom) graphics architecture for their products.

Just recently, the firm announced a new chip technology -- an updated PowerVR Furian architecture -- that will boost smartphone's graphical performance, BGR reported. It's reasonable to assume that the tech will show up in Apple's upcoming iPhone.

Imagination Technologies' chip has the same size as its predecessor, but it's more powerful and is capable of supporting augmented reality. If AR really comes to the iPhone 8, the chip will be efficient in processing and rendering AR graphics in real time.

There are some speculations, however, that the smartphone's release date will be delayed due to Apple's commitment to perfecting its 3D camera. The latter will be made by STMicroelectronics and will be equipped with laser-based, 3D imaging technologies that are capable of supporting AR and facial recognition, according to SlashGear.

Apparently, STMicroelectronics isn't ready to ship Apple's order of iPhone 8 components yet. The handset is expected to have great sales, and it makes sense that STMicroelectronics would want more time to complete the huge order.

Apple will likely start production for the iPhone 8 in September, the iPhone 7 and 7S' expected launch. With that timeframe, the handset could be released a month or two after.

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