University of Texas Shares Spring Break Safety Tips For College Students


When going on a vacation or staying at home, it is always important to stay safe. Now that spring breaks are upon us, UTA Police, Health Services and the Relationship Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention program have shared some tips for everyone, especially college students, on how to stay safe during the weeklong break which is going to start on March 13.

According to The Shorthorn, UTA Police Capt. Mike McCord encourages people to make responsible decisions and part of that is moderately and wisely using alcohol, as well as having a designated driver for long drives. A 2009 study published in the National Institutes of Health's U.S. National Library of Medicine's biomedical and life sciences journal states that students average 15.26 drinks during their spring breaks which is why everyone must be responsible drinkers.

McCord said that people should stay alert and aware of their surroundings. It is also equally important to be with the people whom you can trust especially when traveling or going out of town, so that they can look out for each other.

Alyssa Petty, Health Services health educator, advice that college students should drink in moderation and that they should look after their personal items all the time as well as their drinks. She also recommends staying hydrated and checking that the vehicle is properly maintained for long trips.

March is popular for being the month of spring breaks and while school across the country give the students and the teachers a chance to have a week-long break from academics, it is important to know the basics of staying safe and keep these tips in mind. After all, what everybody wants at the end of the day is simply an enjoyable, memorable and safe spring break.

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