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Marvel Superhero, America Chavez is Heading to College


In America#1, the young superheroine is found in a place where you will least expect her to go - college. After she has helped theYoung Avengers and led the Ultimates, the cosmic defender will be facing an entirely different set of challenges and those are the ones she will deal with in school.

According to iO9, America has chosen to be enrolled to Sotomayor University, where she experiences similar challenges that a typical student would go through like running late for her classes, dealing with harsh and strict professors and getting loads of homework.

While it is going to be an entirely new environment for Miss Chavez, it looks like her college life will still be filled with superheroic deeds . She will soon discover that her former teammate whose codename is Prodigy is also in the same class. He is there to help Chavez with a hologram project which will be presented to Professor Douglas. Exciting things will happen after she lays her hands on Prodigy's high tech lab at school.

Chavez first appeared in the character of a minor Marvel hero Miss America in Vengeance#1. She grew up with heroism in her blood being the daughter of two meta-women from a pocket universe Utopia Parallel, according to ScreenRant. She absorbed the mystical powers of her parents when she was growing up and was given the ability to fly by their dimension's mystical deity, the Demiurge. She also got superhuman strength and speed. A time came when their home was in danger and her parents had no choice but to give up their lives to protect their little alternate reality from destruction. Because of this, she became an orphan since she was six and left her home to discover the universe.

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