Ryan Hickman Starts Company To Save For College At Age 7


No one is too young to start running a business. That is because a 7 year old boy was able to start his own recycling company as he wants to start saving for college and be able to save the planet.

According to, Ryan Hickman was only 3 ½ years old when he started his life mission after visiting the recycling center in California, the rePlanet. Just the day after, he proudly announced and told his parents about his new business and that he will start collecting cans and bottles around the neighborhood. And that paved the way for Ryan's Recycling Company.

Now that he is 7, he manages 50 customers under his company with over 200,000 bottles and cans in his recycling credit. When asked, Ryan said that his goal was to save animals who could get sick and die because of the bottles that get to the ocean. He is able to save a total of $11,000 and is going toward a college account, although he said he wanted to purchase a truck and become a garbage man.

According to The Week, Ryan's Father, Damion Hickman shared how his son became hooked on recycling when he was a toddler because he simply loved the act of putting all the cans and bottles together into the machine and earn money from it. He also told CNN that Ryan's earning will temporarily be saved in a college account but by the time Ryan reaches 18, he can make his own decision about his money.

Ryan also sells T-shirts online and donate the proceeds to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach because he wanted sea lions to get food and medicine - a mark of a good heart in the life of a very young businessman.

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