Tech And Campus Life: Student Safety Apps For College


Today's apps can help college students a lot. These can easily make any student's life easier in terms of academe and campus life in general.

There are different apps that can help students achieve their academic goals. There are apps that can facilitate the learning of new skills as well as lifestyle and productivity apps that are a must-have for college life. There are also lecture capture apps that students can download to make taking down notes easier.

Campus safety is a huge concern nowadays. Fortunately, there are safety apps that students can download to help keep its users safe.

Circle of 6

This app is originally intended for college students to protect them from sexual violence. However, it has since been useful for various users that aim to foster healthy relationships and safety. Users can tap on the app twice to let people in their circle know where they are and what type of help they need. It is available for both Android and iPhone devices.


bSafe has features that include an SOS Alarm button which users can press to alert friends immediately. It allows users to share their location to let friends know that they are safe. It also has the Fake Call feature which provides users with the perfect reason to interrupt an awkward or uncomfortable situatio


This iPhone app notifies users' friends when the user does not check in when they are expected. It is intended for hikers, runners, cyclists, college students and club hoppers who want to notify their friends if they don't make it home on time.

React Mobile

This enterprise safety platform was designed to help people in times of distress. It has different packages that are customizable which can be used by students and professionals alike.


GuardianSentral is an iPhone app that provides real-time GPS tracking of users who feel that they are in dangerous or potentially dangerous situations. It also has a Check In mode where students can identify an on-campus destination and the corresponding estimated time of arrival.

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