Newly Leaked 'Dark Souls 3' The Ringed City DLC Hints The Game's Final Battle, Game Coming To An End?


Bandai Namco's action role-playing game "Dark Souls 3" is getting some hint this week. Famitsu has reportedly dropped some important details about the upcoming The Ringed City DLC. The Ringed City DLC is said to be the game's final DLC and it set to introduces Dark Souls Players to the City of Londor.

According to SegmentNext, which go the full details of the leaked story, the Japanese online publication Famitsu has just shared a few number of "Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City DLC details, which include gameplay, enemies and even some clue about its storyline.

Additionally, a Namco Bandai rep has posted a message on Reddit forum, saying that this same information along with new screenshots will be announced on March 8. The first page, which already been translated into English, can be read in Reddit website, while the second page contains a reference to what may be the Abyss Dragon, which has been mentioned recently in the Ashes of Ariendal DLC.

Earlier this year, developer Bandai Namco has released a new gameplay footage of the upcoming "Dark Souls 3" The Ringed City DLC, where it introduces new areas, weapons, and enemies. As mentioned earlier by GameSpot, the much-awaited Ringed City DLC is the game's final DLC expansion.

The said new gameplay footage has shown off a few number different locations and encounters, including a fight against a giant winged beast, which can be seen in the announcement trailer. Then, there's also a glimpse of new purple ghost enemies that can set it weapon ablaze and shoot flames from a shield.

As for the Famitsu's shared details, there isn't much clear information that being shown about the game. Most of the information shown are just descriptions of various characters, which include allusions to angels, an armored knight, an ashen giant, and a powerful sword made out of the Chaos Flame.

In addition to the game's various characters, the Famitsu details also mentioned the city of Londor, which said to be the home of the Sable Church, and characters like Yuria and Yoel from the main game. Londor is also the homeland of Sister Friede from the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. Also included in the leaked Famitsu post is a monster known as the Abyss Dragon, the winged beast that was previously fought by the Millwood Knights from the Ashes of Ariandel DLC.

Other DLC details include a woman named Filianor, an outfit called Knight armor from the Age of the Gods, and another new monster that appears similar to the Pilgrims, a kind of winged creature that has already appeared in the higher levels of Lothric Castle.

According to developer From Software, "Dark Souls 3" is the third and final entry in the much long Dark Souls game series. The game's The Ringed City DLC is said to show the game's final adventure and might be the closing stage for the Bandai Namco's action RPG.

"Dark Souls 3" The Ringed City DLC will launch on March 28 on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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