BeatsX Trumps AirPods’ Sound Quality, Does A Better Job At Preventing Earbuds From Falling Off


Not everyone likes what AirPods have to offer. Thankfully, Apple made sure that it caters to everybody's wants by launching the BeatsX earbuds via its subsidiary company, Beats. How does it compare to the AirPods?

Like the AirPods, the BeatsX uses the new W1 Bluetooth chipset to provide longer battery life and easy pairing to any Apple device with iOS 10.1 or higher. To pair the earbuds to an iOS device, users need only to turn it on near a phone until a "Connect" button appears.

The earbuds' design is preferred by many users over the AirPods. According to Gizmodo, the BeatsX fits snugly into the ears without any soreness or discomfort at all. The earbuds also come with four different ear tips that cater to varying ear sizes.

To prevent the BeatsX from getting lost, Beats attached it to a flexible, rubber neck strap that gets out of your way if you're doing physical activities such as exercising or dancing. The earbuds are magnetic, so they stick to each other tangle-free when you're not using it. Granted, there are still wires dangling from your neck, but it's infinitely better than regular earphones that sway around and snag on objects when it's not being used.

SoundGuys commended the BeatsX's overall design. Its glossy plastic exterior coupled with the comfortable, flexible neck strap and its magnetic earbuds make it suitable for all-day use.

The AirPods' entirely wireless design could make users hesitant in using it while, for example, running outdoors because there's a greater chance of it falling to the ground and getting damaged. However, you can prevent that from happening by purchasing the elago AirPods strap for $8. It functions much like the BeatsX's neck strap.

In case you didn't know, Apple's AirPods can also connect to Android devices via Bluetooth. While the wireless earbuds have no issue connecting to the iOS devices it was intended for, there are slight glitches seen when it is paired with Android.

Skipping music, for instance, causes minor skips and stutters. But the BeatsX encounters slightly worse problems than the AirPods when it is paired with Android devices.

The BeatsX was also commended for its sound quality. Bass notes in songs can be heard crisply and clearly, but not in a booming way. The AirPods sound impressive, too, but it lacks the same crispness and detail that the BeatsX has.

As for battery life, the BeatsX fares better at roughly 6.5 hours than the AirPods' four to five hours per charge. The former is also cheaper at $150 compared to the AirPods' $160 pricing.

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