iMac 2017 Can’t Support Virtual Reality Gaming; Design Inferior To Microsoft Surface Studio, Dell, HP

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Customers are presented with different brands of traditional PCs to choose from. Apple, HP, Microsoft and Dell are some of the companies competing in this particular market, and it seems that Apple is losing -- at least in terms of their iMac's design.

The Verge praised Dell's XPS 27 All-in-One desktop computer and the Microsoft Surface Studio as perfect companions for graphic artists. Microsoft's 28-inch PC can convert into a drafting table for when digital artists want to draw or sketch on them. The Surface Studio, however, may be overkill for people who don't do much digital sketching or drawing.

Dell's XPS 27 All-in-One, meanwhile, offers an ultra-colorful display that's perfect for designers' need to see accurate colors. The PC is akin to iMac's penchant for cramming its hardware behind the display, but Dell's uniqueness shows in the placement of its speakers. The PC's 10-speaker sound bar is located below the screen.

HP's ENVY Curved All-in-One desktop also trumps iMac's design with its massive 32-inch display that's perfect for gaming and watching movies or TV shows. Curved TVs may not get so much appreciation because of its tendency to alienate viewers who are sitting in not-so-ideal positions. But in curved desktops, the user always sits in the perfect spot.

The ENVY Curved All-in-One's base contains its four speakers, a touch control for volume, various USB ports and wireless charging for your phone. The PC also comes with a Windows Hello webcam that users can hide when it's not being used.

HP and Dell's latest computers both complement the average user's day-to-day use, though HP's desktop is superior when it comes to gaming. The PCs' keyboard, mouse and audio systems aren't that superior, too, despite the hefty price tag.

Regardless, HP and Dell's computers take the seen-as-boring PC to the next level. They both look good sitting on tables, while Apple's iMac doesn't seem to display any huge innovation in its design aside from being incredibly thin.

Those who want to see virtual reality gaming on iMacs shouldn't get their hopes up. Nate Mitchell, Oculus' co-founder and head of Rift, said that the Mac is incapable of supporting VR gaming -- at least for now, TechCrunch reported.

New iMacs are expected to be announced this month, according to PC Advisor. It's possible that the computer will run using AMD's new Ryzen 7 chips, though initial reports claimed that it will use Intel's latest Kaby Lake processors instead.

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