College Planning For Single Parent Families


Planning for college is challenging for both parents and their college-bound children in all aspects. The difficulty gets doubled for single parents because of a divided household. However, it is not impossible for single parent-households to send their kids to college with these practical tips and advice.

The first step is always the most difficult one because there are some mindset changes that will occur. When it comes to college planning, the mindset that needs to be broken is focusing too much on sending your kids to large, regional schools.

Although these colleges and universities are good, you have to accept the fact that students are different - some may thrive in that kind of environment while others won't.

Instead of getting drawn by the big name, big campus, and big facilities, parents should go beyond these aesthetics but focus more on where their children can thrive.

Questions, such as will the college give my child a better chance at succeeding in his chosen career path or will he be comfortable in a big or small college, should be asked.

Asking the help of a professional college planner is also advisable as they can help you navigate the confusing process of college application and financial aid.

Next, when do you start planning - during his junior year or senior year? Starting to plan only at those points give you limited options. Professional advice to start planning as early as when your child is in eighth grade because you have plenty of time sparing you from a lot of stress.

Aside from a college planner, it is also advisable to ask help from a financial planner to help you how to navigate the financial side of going to college. The financial planner can help you how to lessen the college tuition cost.

Also encourage your child to look into merit-based scholarships where they can pursue their passion, such as acting or speech, where they can be awarded if they show exceptional proficiency in their fields.

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