iPhone Battery Technology Latest News & Updates: Future Apple Devices Seen To Benefit With New All Solid State Lithium Ion Batteries


Apple has had its share of complaints as far as the battery life of its devices. But thanks to John Goodenough and his University of Texas team, the new all-solid-state lithium-ion battery cell could spark a new revolution in seeing new iPhone battery technology last longer.

The new batteries can reportedly hold three times more energy than the traditional li-ion batteries. This was made possible after the University of Texas team replaced a liquid electrolyte with glass. The battery breakthrough can now charge quickly without worrying about potential explosions and even perform well under low temperatures, Fortune reported. The technology is still in its infancy stages. Looking ahead, a new iPhone battery technology could be something most would rave about.

The new battery technology is not limited to the iPhone alone. It could cover other Apple products such as the iPad or even the MacBook Pro. The possibilities are endless with the technology scalable towards a broad niche. All that depends on the flexibility options of the glass electrolyte. It eliminates the metal whiskers which have been tied up to possible battery explosions or fire hazards.

In short, the potential iPhone Battery technology simplifies the battery cell fabrication, Apple Insider reported. They are made from an earth-friendly material, meaning they can be recycled and cut back on using up rare-earth minerals. With the team still at work on the new battery discovery, the University of Texas Office of Technology Commercialization is also busy addressing other aspects. This includes embarking on licensing agreements with several companies in the battery industry, a key preparation before it goes full blast.

With multiple Apple devices plagued with battery longevity complaints, this breakthrough could be the answer the Cupertino company is looking for. The only thing that stands in the way right now is when it will happen and which device within its product line shows it off first.

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