White House Guilty of Plagiarizing ExxonMobil Press Release; Trump Uses Familiar Lines For Congratulatory Statement


White House lifted lines from the ExxonMobil press release. Although the two agencies are unrelated, the White House issued the same statement that ExxonMobil released hours earlier regarding building chemical and gas projects. This collectively raised several eyebrows and left some scratching their heads with the question, "isn't that plagiarism?"

ExxonMobil revealed their plan to spend $20 billion in the next 10 years to create 45,000 jobs for their natural gas and chemical projects, The Washington Post reported. The White House too released the same statement a little while later lifting verbatim statements that the corporate press release has.

The White House also did not credit ExxonMobil for the congratulatory statements made by US President Donald Trump. The giant oil corporation also did not comment about the plagiarism although they said that they supplied the corporate press release to the White House, The Huffington Post reported.

President Donald Trump said ExxonMobil's investment plan is exactly what will help put Americans back to work. The US President said that it will help economic development and job creation. The White House also took credit for ExxonMobil's planned expansion saying the spirit of optimism that is sweeping America since Trump sat down as US President has started and it is boosting job growth.

But according to reports, ExxonMobil's investment plan is not exactly brand new. In fact, it's made when former President Barrack Obama was still in office in 2013. And while the oil company talks about job creation, another giant company General Motors is laying off 1,100 of its workers.

According to one oil analyst, Pavel Molchanov, plenty of companies across various industries are now re-stating their efforts to create jobs for Americans just to get on Trump's good side. That's despite that fact that it really has nothing to do with whatever policy Washington is making right now.

This is not the first time that the Trumps have been plagued with issues of plagiarism. During Donald Trump's presidential campaign last year, his wife, Melania Trump, lifted lines from Michele Obama's speech made way back.

But this too was shrugged by the rest of America because as Newt Gingrich, Former House Speaker, Melania is "stunningly attractive. She is stunningly articulate. Most of the people criticizing her can't speak five languages. She's a bright person."


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