iOS 10 Jailbreak to be A History; Uncrackable iOS Marks The End of Pangu


The jailbreaking realm has been quiet these days as Pangu shows no sign of launching a iOS 10 jailbreak tool. The only evidence that Pangu is working on a JB tool would be during the Mobile Security Conference event, which happened long ago, in July 2016.

Since then, numerous media outlets, including Forbes, have reported iOS 10 jailbreak update - assuming that it will come soon, hopefully from the reputable hacker, Pangu.

However, Pangu keeps silent and the software we've heard so far is from Luca Todesco who has helped iPhone users to remove restrictions from their device. Todesco is likely the only hacker that attempts to jailbreak iOS 10.2 and succeeds; but the unstable software seems to go nowhere near perfect.

The iPhone 7, in particular, is even harder to crack and it took months for the Italian hacker to release the compatible jailbreak for Apple's latest flagship. However, it is not a reliable solution because the software is a semi-tethered version - requiring users to re-jailbreak it every time after every reboot.

Meanwhile, Apple is gearing up for iOS 11 release on June 5 at WWDC event. The iPhone 8 OS will reportedly offer an ample of features, including VR compatibility, 3D Touch system. Reports have learned that this year is Apple's biggest iOS update - which includes more safety layers to avoid hackers from infiltrating the firmware security.

It is obvious that iOS 11 will get more solid walls. Apple has taken aggressive steps to stop iOS jailbreaks and a clear evidence has supported the claim: There is no legit iOS 10.3 download spotted online. Todesco said that the iOS 10.3 is impossible to break, according to App Informers. To make matter worse, the skillful hacker plans on a hiatus after he perfects iOS 10.2 unlocking tool.

Do you think Pangu or Luca Todesco will release iOS 10.3 jailbreak before iOS 11 comes out?

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