iMac 2017: Apple could Launch VR-Integrated Desktop with AMD Zen on Board


Reports suggest that Apple could integrate VR technology for its upcoming iMac 2017. Find out more!

iMac 2017 to have a better functionality and professional tools

In response to the fans' concern about iMac 2017, Tim Cook wrote in a letter that the desktop variant will pack more performance, compared to the notebooks with more storage on board.

Apple is expected to equip iMac 2017 with better functionality and hardware. An Intel Kaby Lake processor is one of the expected specifications as it has been released earlier this year by the manufacturer.

However, the recently launched AMD Zen could possibly be a nicer replacement for Intel's chip as it houses 8 cores, 16-thread. Ryzen, is reportedly a powerful beast that outshines Kaby Lake, according to PCGamesn. Furthermore, the chip caters wide range of hardware setup according to needs. That being the case, the iMac 2017 may be a wonderful desktop that brings immersive VR experience with such professor configuration.

iMac 2017 could be VR-ready, but not for Gaming

Apple is expected to optimize iMac 2017 performance using an Intel Kaby Lake chipset and AMD GPU. Many have doubted that the configurations may not 'kick enough power' for VR-gaming but as far as the specs are concerned, Apple's wide range of products aren't actually designed to meet gaming demands.  

It can be argued that the upcoming iMac 2017 may gain performance; designed for specific users. The current 5k display iMac, for instance, is a powerhouse that enables user to edit video and process images with its multi-core processing ability but it is not a gaming machine, according to Cio. If ever Apple releases a VR-ready desktop; that would be a dedicated product for the professionals. This is in line with Cook's statement that claimed the upcoming product will be more creative.

iMac 2017 Launch Date

A piece of evidence suggests - the company will have great desktops coming as planned, The Verge reported. There is nothing official about the March release date but everything remains to be seen.

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