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LG G6 vs Galaxy S7, S7 Edge: LG G6 Appears To Rival Galaxy S7, S7 Edge; Device Patching Up G5 Flop [VIDEO]


When it comes to the best handset in the world, tech fans would still vote for Samsung Galaxy S7. Tech critics and fans already know Galaxy S7's camera, waterproofing, sleek design, battery life and virtual reality (VR) support. Nevertheless, now that the LG G6 is in the market, customers might move away from Samsung devices.

LG has finally rolled out its highly anticipated LG G6 Android smartphone on the market, which could be the tech giant's crowning jewel after the LG G5 flop, according to Digital Trends. LG G6 is gathering a lot of good reviews from smartphone enthusiasts and the handset appears to be LG's best device of the year. When it comes to the smartphone's design, LG's latest flagship has a slight difference with the S7 Edge. The LG G6 features a rounded corner display which seems to be a modern-looking touch. The display covers 80 percent of the surface area, particularly the handset's front part.

Also, the display of LG G6 is larger than Samsung Galaxy S7. Nevertheless, the LG G6 Android smartphone comes along with a dual-camera at the back. The latest LG handset uses an LCD and saves power depending on the usage. In terms of battery, the LG G6 smartphone is packed with a 3,300mAh battery. The LG G6 is also considered as the first non-Google device with Google Assistant.

In spite of that, head of operator sales at LG Electronics U.K. Jeremy Daniels, stated that as the LG G5 was unsuccessful to appeal to the mass market, the LG G6 appears to patch up LG G5's failure, CNBC reported. The LG company claims the LG G6 smartphone will have mass appeal and will deliver strong aesthetics to the company. The tech company created the flagship device to put them back into a position where they can challenge major tech companies, such as Apple Inc. and Samsung.

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