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Microsoft Surface Phone vs iPhone 8: Microsoft Surface Phone With Win32 Apps Will Slam iPhone 8 And Android Devices [VIDEO]


Tech fans are looking forward to the matchup of two heavyweight smartphones, the Microsoft Surface Phone and Apple's iPhone 8. Nonetheless, rumor has it that the Microsoft Surface Phone is more than enough to beat the rival's latest flagship.

As Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella stated that they are working on a supreme smartphone, rumors mounted up on the internet that the Microsoft Surface Phone will be a secure and a productive smartphone that will cater more to businessmen and executives, according to Learn Bonds. Nevertheless, the Microsoft Surface Phone is said to be powered by Windows 10 and runs Win32 apps. Wherein, tech experts claimed that the Win32 apps feature could provide the Microsoft Surface Phone an advantage over iPhone 8 and other Android devices.

The Microsoft Surface Phone will reportedly be launched in the market with three versions, the consumer, business as well as the enthusiast editions. The base model of the Microsoft Surface Phone is said to have a 4GB of RAM and coupled with a 64GB of storage. Also, the upcoming Microsoft device is speculated to have a 20MP camera that features a Carl Zeiss lens.

On the other hand, the iPhone 8 is speculated to be just a revamp of the previous iPhone models. Apple's iPhone 8 is anticipated to come along with wireless charging, facial recognition and water resistance. According to Mac World, there's a possibility that iPhone 8 will come along with an iris scanning feature via the enhanced front-facing camera.

Furthermore, the iPhone 8 will be the only Apple smartphone to get an OLED display. Also, the upcoming Apple smartphone will be equipped with a 3GB of RAM with 64GB and 256GB storage options. Tech fans are speculating that the iPhone 8 would have a price tag of $1,000.

That being said, as the Microsoft Surface Phone is said to change the concept of smartphones, while Apple just revamped the iPhone 8, the Surface Phone can definitely take over the smartphone world.

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