Samsung To Use Sony Batteries For Its Coming Samsung Galaxy S8, Adding To Its Inventory From Usual Battery Suppliers


With so much at stake and a tarnished reputation to mend, Samsung has been looking for a suitable partner to power its phones that most assuredly will not cause another debacle as that of the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7. It seems after much speculation; Samsung is indeed collaborating with Sony to provide batteries for its Samsung line of flagships this year.

Earlier this year, it has been reported that Samsung was in talks with Japan's Murata, who reportedly will acquire Sony's battery operations. The Murata-Sony deal will be cemented come April this year. Accordingly, Samsung was impressed with the performance and reliability of Sony's lithium-ion batteries. It was reported that the Korean tech giant was also in talks with LG Chem to provide batteries for its Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Previously, Samsung sourced its batteries from its affiliate Samsung SDI and with China's ATL as its secondary supplier. Last month, Samsung SDI located in Tianjin, China caught fire. Firefighters determined that faulty batteries and waste products stored in one area of the factory were the cause of the blaze.

According to c|net, Sony is the third company Samsung is in serious talks with to provide lithium-ion batteries for Samsung Galaxy S8. Reports say that the company's placement order for Sony batteries was reportedly smaller than those placed with Samsung SDI and Amperex.

This disproves rumors that Samsung is ditching its usual suppliers but merely adding options to extend its sources for safe and reliable battery packs for its flagship phone. However, technically a rival, Sony does provide quality components to other phone manufacturers as well. The company provides camera tech for Apple iPhone's much-hyped phone camera

The good thing about Sony batteries is that it features Qnovo technology. Sony's own Xperia XZ Premium employs batteries with the technology. Qnovo reportedly analyzes data coming from the phone battery to extend its juice and increased safety. It can even optimize charging by actively checking parameters such as charging rate and current that prevents battery degradation during fast charging times.

Incidentally, Qnovo announced last month that Snapdragon 835 would be supporting Qnovo's adaptive charging tech. It is reported that Samsung Galaxy S8 will be using the Snapdragon 835. According to Wccftech, Samsung has begun mass production for the Samsung Galaxy S8, today.

There is no word if Samsung also intends to use Sony batteries for it Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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