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Xbox Project Scorpio Latest News: Phil Spencer Hints To Reveal Xbox Project Scorpio Details Before E3 2017 Event; Xbox Scorpio Elite Price [VIDEO]


Xbox boss Phil Spencer hints at possible Xbox Project Scorpio reveal before the E3 2017 event. Also, Microsoft made it known that the price of the upcoming gaming system is set to be on the elite scale.

Aside from the fact that Nintendo rolls out the Nintendo Switch on March 3, Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio is also anticipated to be released this year. The Xbox Project Scorpio still has not been shown off in public. Tech critics and fans have no idea what video games will support the highly anticipated gaming console. Nonetheless, in a recent interview with Spencer on IGN's Unlocked podcast, the Xbox head gave game enthusiasts something to feast on. The Xbox boss provided a little more information on when gamers can expect to see the most powerful gaming console.

The podcast lasted for an hour and the Microsoft executive hints at a major reveal ahead of the Electronic Entertainment Expo for the Xbox Project Scorpio instead of revealing the console at the show itself. It simply means that most likely game fans will see the much awaited gaming system prior to Microsoft's annual video game conference on June 11. Most probably, Microsoft will reveal Xbox Project Scorpio's features, specs, price and the release date before E3 2017 event.

Nevertheless, following the latest news regarding the game lineup of Xbox Project Scorpio, the price of the upcoming gaming system is slated to be on the elite scale, Express reported. Since the Xbox Project Scorpio is going to be the most powerful gaming system ever made, it is expected to cost at least not more than the price tag of the PS4 Pro. Spencer claimed that they created the console for the premium gaming customer. In spite of that, the Xbox Project Scorpio is expected to roll out in the 2017 holiday season.

Meanwhile, Watch The Video Here:

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