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PlayStation 5 Release Date, News: PS5 Launches In Two Versions With VR Portability In 2020, Tech Analyst Says [VIDEO]


Tech analyst Michael Pachter predicted Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5 will be available for at least two more years from now. The highly anticipated PS5 gaming system will roll out in two versions with VR portability.

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter, claims that the tech giant's follow-up to the successful PS4 and PlayStation 4 Pro gaming systems will be available in 2020, according to Game Pur. Nonetheless, Rumor has it that Sony will launch the PlayStation 5 in two versions. The first version is dubbed as the Core Experience, and this PS5 version contains the hardware needed to run the video games. The PS5 Core Experience version will boast a massive hard drive of 50 TB or more.

Meanwhile, the other version of PS5 will have the moniker Pro Experience. The PlayStation 5 Pro Experience version will come along with several gamer-specific features, such as the ability to play 4K Blu-rays, a larger hard drive capacity and Backwards compatibility. Also, the PlayStation 5 Pro Experience version will have an optical drive, and it will be up for grabs with a higher price compared to PS5 Core Experience.

Nevertheless, Pachter claimed that the Japanese tech giant will not release the PlayStation 5 in an effort to compete with Microsoft's latest and powerful console, Xbox Project Scorpio, PlayStation Universe reported. Pachter stated that there's no reason for Sony to respond with Microsoft's upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio, which is slated to roll out in holiday 2017. In spite of that, Pachter also mentioned that Microsoft might unleash the Xbox 2 console in 2020, which is speculated to be the rival gaming system of the PS5.

That being the case, the PlayStation 5 software is anticipated to work on the PS4 Pro games, the same way the PS4 Pro was made compatible with the PlayStation 4. Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5 is expected to be released on Nov. 15, 2020.

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