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Advancement In College Education: Effects Of Predictive Education Technology Worry Students


Technology has improved the lives of people all over the world, in innumerable, amazing ways. However, despite its many advantages, it can also work as a disadvantage and it holds true even for education. The education technology that predicts a student's risk of failure concerns many students as they said that it might just set them up for failure instead of increasing their chance to succeed.

A high tech software was designed with the intention of helping students by predicting the ones who are at risk of failure, but this poses concern for many students instead, according to The Hechinger Report. The students feel worried that because of the data, their teachers might have a different label and impression on them before they even get the chance to make their own. They fear that it will leave a stigma in them that will stay even after they have improved. If their teachers will get to know them, they want it to happen not with the help of an algorithm or technology.

Students from community colleges have raised their concerns during an EduCon 2.9 panel at Philadelphia's Science Leadership Academy last month, according to Education Dive. One student at Michigan's Macomb Community College said that they do not even know who chooses it and who it pulling the strings. The other students said that it is difficult to have stereotypes and systems in place that will just prevent them or hold them back from reaching their full potential. They also said that they cannot completely trust digital systems.

Promoters of these programs said that this can help educators identify the students at risk of failure so that they will be given the help they need, but students do not see it that way.

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