Best Questions To Ask In A Business School Interview


Going through the college admissions process can be quite a challenge, let alone the interviews. And a business school interview conducted by an MBA admissions officer can be a different story; it can be more challenging and nerve wracking, especially for the MBA hopefuls.

January is the month when hopeful applicants meet application deadlines, finalize their resumes and complete their recommendations. While they hope to hear from the schools they have applied to, an offer of an interview would normally have to come first before that moment of self-congratulations.

Of the thousands of the applications that many business schools receive every year, you need to make sure you give them more reasons to accept you, than reject you, and your interview could be that key towards the acceptance into the MBA program of your dreams.

A business school interview, just like any other college interviews, is something you should be well prepared for. And part of the preparation is being ready for the questions you need to ask. Although this is something that is reserved usually during the last part of the interview, asking your own questions will significantly help when it comes to impressing the officer and gathering more information about the school and the program, according to The Balance. It will also help demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm, but remember that you have to carefully select the questions you need to ask. According to Business Insider, here are the best questions to ask during your interview:

1. How would you describe the culture of your program?

2. Can you provide an example of a student with a background similar to mine who successfully transitioned to the XYZ industry at your school? If so, would it be possible to speak with him or her?

3. What traits do you most often see in your most successful students?

4. How does your program define student success?

5. What new specializations or courses are currently under development?

6. What differentiates your program from others?

7. Who are the three most successful recent alumni from your program, and where are they working?

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