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Twitter Will Mute 'Eggs' Of Profiles With No Updated Photos


Twitter has finally made a move against trolls and abusive users. The social media platform has just announced that it has added a feature where legitimate users can mute 'eggs' and save themselves from future annoyance and harassments.

It announced that they added a special button to the Twitter app where users can now mute 'eggs' or anonymous users on Twitters. Users who are classified as 'eggs' are those with no profile pictures, no updated photos, and unconfirmed phones and email addresses.

In a blog post, Twitter said that once this feature is turned on, any messages and mentions from unconfirmed accounts will not appear on your timeline. What more, there is no time limit in using this feature.

Ed Ho, Twitter's vice president of engineering, said that aside from this new feature, they will continue to make fixes to the platform in order to make it safer for its users. He added that some of these fixes might not be noticeable. He also added that they are moving faster to fix these issues and problems and apologizing for their failure to address them last year.

For a long time, Twitter has been criticized that it is not doing enough to address the issue of social harassment on the network. They wrote in a blog post last February that it is also planning to add three more security and safety features that will prevent abusive content and tweets as well as safer searches.

However, they did not go into further details how they are going to do this. What they said was that with the new features, those with suspended accounts will be forever banned from the social network. Moreover, it will also remove abusive tweets from blocked and muted accounts.

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