13 Scholarship Awards You Can Apply To After March 1


Students who are entering college these days are faced with the challenges of soaring tuition fees. Then, there's also the possibility of state governments cutting their funding to some state schools causing these higher ed institutions to cut some of their scholarship grants. However, there is still hope for college students these days as there are a number of scholarship awards available that could help ease their expenses. Since the March 1 deadline already passed by, here are 13 more you can apply to this March.

March 10

The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Scholarship gives up to $10,000 worth of scholarship to deaf and hard of hearing students who are pursuing an undergraduate and graduate degree at an accredited college or university.

March 15

These following scholarships have a March 15 deadline and award students up to $1,000 in cash.

Anonymous Scholarship  awards up to $1,000 for graduating high school seniors with good academic standing and has a financial need. This is only available for students who reside in Thayer County, Nebraska.

Get Educated Online College Scholarship

Awards up to $1000 to students who want to get a degree at an accredited online university in the USA. To become eligible for the scholarship, the student must have a minimum accumulated GPA score of 3.0

Fruitful Kitchen Scholarship Program

Students who adhere to a healthy lifestyle and diet can be rewarded $600 by this program. All you have to do is write an essay about your favorite dish and tell them how to make it.

March 17

Young Leaders Scholarship
This scholarship requires the applicants to submit an essay from the three given topics posted on their website. The student with the best essay will receive $1500 worth of scholarship.

March 20

Stellsmart Scholarship
Got any novel idea how to solve a social problem? Show them how through a 1500-word essay and if you are able to convince them, you get a $1500 worth of scholarship.

March 25

Belluck & Fox Mesothelioma Scholarship
If you are familiar about mesothelioma, a type of cancer due to asbestos exposure, and have stories about it, write anything about this and you have a chance to win a $10,000-worth of scholarship from this law firm.

March 31

Hiking Ambition Wellness Scholarship
Just write an essay about a practical approach how to have a healthy lifestyle and you can win $1000.

My Kids Need That Scholarship

All you need to do is write an essay on the topic about the importance of toys in the development of a child. Once your essay gets chosen, they will award you with $1000.

Internet Marketing Review Scholarship

This scholarship is available for undergraduate and postgraduate students who are studying marketing, business management, IT, and communications. Just write an essay about Internet marketing and you can win a $2000 worth of scholarship.

Superpower Scholarship

Just write a very short essay which superhero or villain you want to be and why. If you win, you get $2,500 for your college education.

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