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Harvard Awardee Rihanna Desires To Go Back To College After Receiving Harvard's 2017 Humanitarain Award


Rihanna just dropped a hint that she might be going back to college after becoming an awardee as Harvard's 2017 Humanitarian of the Year Award on Tuesday. The Grammy-winning singer shared her desire to go to college and obtain a degree during her speech.

According to Page Six, she addressed the audience and said that people do not have to be rich in order to be humanitarian, and to be able to help somebody. She also said that people do not have to be famous, nor college educated, though she wished she was during that time.

That was when the crowd laughed and she said that she teased is really considering going back after dropping out of high school.

The singer was honored for her charity projects which include a setup of an oncology and nuclear medicine center to diagnose and treat people with breast cancer in her home country in Barbados and created the Clara Lionel Foundation scholarship program for Caribbean students who preferred to study in the US, according to Winnipeg Free Press.

Rihanna also supports the Global Partnership for Education and Global Citizen Project which enables children to have access to education in more than 60 countries.

She recalled her childhood and said that when she was 5 or 6 years old, she remembers watching TV and would see commercials showing how children around the world suffer, the ones encouraging people to give 25 cents to save a child's life. That was when she thought about getting rich and having the chance to save kids all over the world. She said that she never thought she could be in that position and will have the ability to realize that vision when she became a teenager.

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