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‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Latest Update: ‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Launched Fourth Global Mission; Easter Eggs Event Confirmed [VIDEO]


"Pokemon Sun and Moon" recently rolled out its fourth global mission that includes utilizing the video game's post game to gather some Battle Points. This "Pokemon Sun and Moon" update is actually the easiest mission to complete compared to the other missions the video game company has released by far.

The fourth global mission of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" requires gamers to rack up 250,000 Battle Points through the completion of the Battle Tree, according to WWG. The fourth global mission will allow players to participate if they have beaten the main story and went through a number of other post game activities. The Battle Tree is a place where the players battle some trainers and it feature characters like Cynthia, Red, as well as Wally.

The fourth global mission will be available until March 14. "Pokemon Sun and Moon" gamers just need to register for the global event, then go through the Battle Tree to rack up Battle Points. To qualify for the prizes, players will need at least one Battle Point. Since the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" fourth global mission has just been launched, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" enthusiasts still have a chance to sign up and collect some prizes.

On the other hand, the Easter egg event of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is slated to transpire in March 2017, Go Nintendo reported. Wherein, this event will give "Pokemon Sun and Moon" gamers one of the six Easter eggs in the video game. The Easter eggs might contain creatures like Passimian, Turtonator, Oranguru, Mareanie, Goomy, or Drampa.

In spite of that, the Easter egg event kicks off on March 18 and might end on April 19, 2017. The method of the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Easter egg event will be released soon. That being the case, the Easter egg event might only be available in Japan.

Meanwhile, Watch The Video Here:

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