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‘Final Fantasy XV’ News: ‘Final Fantasy XV’ First Major DLC Launches March 28; FFXV Director Referred Nintendo Switch As Dream Machine [VIDEO]


Since Square Enix unleashed the "Final Fantasy XV," the open world action role-playing game just turned a few months old. Now, latest reports suggest that the game developer is working on the first major DLC expansion for the video game. Meanwhile, the latest Nintendo Switch praise comes from FFXV's director Hajime Tabata, the director called the Nintendo's hybrid console a dream machine.

The DLC expansion of "Final Fantasy XV" is dubbed as the Episode Gladiolus, and rolls out on March 28, according to Slash Gear. The add-on is a part of the action role-playing game season pass and can also be purchased for just $5. Since this is the first major expansion for FFXV, the "Final Fantasy XV" update should excite a lot of players and fans.

The details about Episode Gladiolus DLC expansion is available from an update made on the video game's website. "Final Fantasy XV" players will be portraying Gladio, who is one of the main companions of the main protagonist Noctis. Nevertheless, there are news mounted up on the internet claiming that the FFXV game will be released in multiplayer mode. It has been said that the multiplayer mode of "Final Fantasy XV" will be part of another major update.

On the other hand, a number of game makers have previously expressed their admiration for Nintendo's hybrid gaming system, the Nintendo Switch. Recently, FFXV Tabata praised the Nintendo Switch and called the hybrid console a dream machine, Polygon reported. Although the "Final Fantasy XV" director did not work on anything for the Nintendo Switch, Tabata admitted that he finds the portable gaming system intriguing. The director also stated that he was amazed at how the Nintendo Switch can work in so many ways.

In spite of that, the Nintendo Switch is slated for a retail release on March 3. Nintendo's latest gaming system is up for grabs for only $300.

Meanwhile, Watch The Video Here:

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