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Breakthrough Car Invention: College Student Converts Honda Into A Self-Driving Car For $700


Self-driving cars do not sound very pocket-friendly for everyone, especially for those who only need a convenient mode of transfer. Thhis college student however has successfully turned his Honda Civic to a self-driving car. Brevan Jorgenson, a college student from the University of Nebraska has just converted his Honda Civic to a self-driving car, for $700!

Jorgenson figured out a way to build his self-driving car by using open source plans and by downloading some software from the internet. These programs were the ones he used to control the car's brakes, steering and the accelerator, Science Alert reported. It also has a camera and sensor that detects obstructions and other surrounding cars.

Jorgenson said that people were impressed with the invention he made which cost him $700. He even said that even his girlfriend is not convinced to try take a ride in the car as she cannot trust his self-made technology, although he is certain that his invention is perfectly working, according to iTechPost.

He took his car for a test drive for the first time back in January. He said he wanted to test it alone because if anything goes wrong, he does not want anybody else to be in the car. After the test drive, he said it was working phenomenally. The tools that Jorgenson used in building his technology, including the software and the plans were from Comma.ai. The kit was made available online for everyone to download and now it is rebranded as Comma Neo.

Jorgenson got lucky because his car happened to be one of the only two car models which the kit is compatible with. The other car model is 2016 Acura ILX. He built the kit from scratch after purchasing car parts for $700.

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