Fantasy Baseball: Top 5 Sleeper Picks Of 2017


The season for fantasy baseball is on again and each team is going for the best of the best. However, the beauty of these games is that the outcome can be a surprise because there are sleepers who suddenly change the direction of the game. Sleeper players are those who have stats that indicate they can deliver more than what is on their resumes at the moment. Here are five of those sleeper players with the highest potential this 2017.

Daniel Norris (Detroit Tigers)

This pitcher for the Detroit Tigers might be an unlikely pick because he had some health problems last season. However, his profile and stats say he is a good pick as a starting pitcher for fantasy baseball 2017. For starters, he accomplished some significant improvements for the Tigers during the 69 1/3 innings. Then, there's the additional 1 mph to his fastball which will be a good source for a lot of strikeouts.

Chris Davis (Baltimore Orioles)

The first baseman for the Baltimore Orioles did not earn his nickname "Crush Davis" for nothing. He might have a pretty rough year in 2016 with his slugging and batting average declining but all he needs is just two more home runs to reach that 40 mark. So don't be fooled by that rather low stats last year because he will definitely make a comeback this year.

Domingo Santana (Milwaukee Brewers)

If you focus on Santana's strike outs, that might look disappointing considering he has a number of them. However, if you put together all his stats in all the 37 games he had after his elbow injury, it's pretty impressive. His batting average is .280, on-base percentage is .344, and slugging percentage is .508. That alone shows that he can sustain the quality of play he has in the long run.

Adam Frazier (Pittsburgh Pirates)

Frazier is a versatile player having played for the Pirates as a second baseman, outfielder, and shortstop. He is a pretty impressive hitter who can direct the ball to any direction. He is also has the reputation of being a consistent hitter with a .300 speed. He is a good second baseman to Joshua Harrison's third base.

Patrick Corbin (Arizona Diamondbacks)

Corbin had a tough 2016 as he was relegated to being a reliever because of a poor performance. Fortunately, he was able to get back on his feet and prove that he learned his lesson. Evidence of that improvement was his 22 strikeouts over his final 19 innings. And he is most likely continue to deliver more impressive stats this 2017.

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