The Phil Jackson, Carmelo Anthony, And Michael Graham 'Love Triangle'


Phil Jackson posted a somewhat puzzling tweet last Tuesday that many thought was a shot against Carmelo Anthony. Jackson, however, did not mention Anthony's name but mentioned another player, Michael Graham, whom he coached in 1986.

In his tweet, Jackson said that he has learned not to change the spot on a leopard with Michael Graham, who was a college superstar from Georgetown and played with the Albany Patroons in the defunct Continental Basketball Association. Despite being a talented player, Graham did not enjoy much success in pro basketball.

Even before he posted that tweet, many observers believed that Jackson has been quite frustrated with Anthony for not delivering the same as Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, Jackson's greatest players.

Perhaps, Jackson became even more aggravated after Kevin Ding, a Bleacher Report writer, wrote his observation saying that Jackson is trying to make Anthony into something he is not. Jackson also referenced that in his tweet saying Ding 'almost rings the bell.'

After the tweet, the whole thing seemed to escalate as Graham joined in the fray and voiced his own opinion. In an article on the New York Daily News, Graham said that he doesn't agree with Jackson about the leopard not being able to change its spots. He said that his life has been nothing less than good and enumerated the achievements he accomplished outside basketball. Turned out that Graham is now a successful businessman and family man. On top of that, he also owns a foundation that helps D.C. area kids.

Graham also advised Anthony to play for the Knicks and not for Jackson reminding the Knicks superstar that Jackson does not own the Knicks. Anthony, for his part, said that he won't entertain anything unless it is said directly to him.

A report on ESPN says that the Knicks are trying to trade Anthony for the Cleveland Cavaliers' Kevin Love. However, the Cavs are not willing to part with Love yet. More so, Anthony has a no-trade clause in his contract with the Knicks; thus, he will remain in the Knicks fold unless he removes that clause.

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