Best Career Advice From Former Presidents To The Future Presidents Of The World

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Some of the greatest decisions ever made are made by leaders of nations. And to continue celebrating President's Day, here are some of what many consider to be the best career advice from former presidents of the United States.

When faced with challenges in life, one can look to the words of wisdom from these former presidents:

1. George Washington once told his niece that "it is better to offer no excuse than offer a bad one." Only make honest excuses.

2. Franklin Roosevelt once said that if people "treat people right, then they will treat you right" as well. But mostly, he adds, 90 percent of the time. The Roanoke Times calls this a golden rule.

3. Thomas Jefferson knows what he means when he advices to never put off until tomorrow, the things you can do today. This great man was an inventor and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence.

4. George W. Bush once told students who received honors and awards a hearty congratulations. However, when he turned his attention to the "C" students, he tells them that they, too, can be the next President of the United States and urges them on by telling them to work hard.

5. Barack Obama also has an advice for the future leaders of America. And this can be applicable to today's generation. Always remember that "sometimes it is not about being famous or important." According to the former president, it is about choosing something you believe in and devoting your life and career to it.

Barack Obama has always been a huge promoter of health care, education and science. And in the kernel of wisdom and science, on-screen scientist and actress Mayim Bialik also has an advice to offer. Although she is not a former president of the United States, her advice can be illuminating for some.

When Mayim Bialik was asked what advice she would give her 22 year old self, "The Big Bang Theory" actress says that your gut instinct is always right. "Trust your gut!" cites Pop.

In the BBC clip below, Barack Obama offers his own advice to at the time president-elect Donald Trump:

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