Rihanna’s Songs Are Supplementary To Her Harvard Humanitarian Award

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These days, pop culture is taking generations by storm that charity works are not entirely visible to most people. But Rihanna's songs are found to be secondary to that of her charity works. This year, she is set to receive Harvard's Humanitarian Award of the Year.

Publications state that the Western civilization has been shaky because of the different social and political platforms rising. But Rihanna is one reason why people should continue to stay and fight on. Harvard University announces this year's recipient for the Humanitarian Award will be none other than the Barbadian Singer and that is because she has worked so hard to prioritize education and health care.

Becoming a recipient of the Rev. Professor Peter J. Gomes award, which is Harvard Foundation's Humanitarian Award, is not easy to get. For a person to receive such award, he or she must have done something to improve lives and inspire people to greater heights.

In previous years, awards were given to the likes of Malala Yousafzai, Ruby Dee and James Earl Jones. Rihanna is going to join their ranks because she is not shy about funding an oncology and nuclear medicine center or founding the Clara and Lionel Foundation for student scholarships, as reported by GQ. But not a lot of people know this. She is mostly known for her songs and her contributions to pop culture.

Which is why she is considered to be the best non-role model role-model anyone has ever seen, as reported by Teen Vogue. The publication describes her as not entirely a role model but she has consistently made steps to inspire people. Such as reminding everyone, especially women, to be kind to one another and march for women's rights.

Everyone is excited to honor Rihanna for her humanitarian works. She is going to receive the award at Harvard on Tuesday, Feb. 28. And while magazines are not yet ready to call her a role model, they do acknowledge that she is a "super impressive person who inspires us to be our best selves and help others."

ABC News reports on Rihanna's upcoming Harvard award:

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